Handmade in France Measurements: 28″ H x 24″ W x 13″ D Multiple Available in Stock.

Tabletop palm trees in classic planter box motif from France Lamps Measurements: 33″ H x 22″ W Multiple available

Pair of Serge Roche-Style Ebonized Composition “Palm Tree” Torchere-Form Sconces, 20th c., each brass-banded around the base and upper trunk, electrified and mounted for hanging, H.- 80 in., W.- 37 in., D.- 19 in. (2 Pcs.)

Tole Lamps Large, include shades Measurements: 40″ h x 21″ W x 13″ Square Base  

Pineapple Design in White Color and Corse Linen Shade or White shade Whole lamp 36″ Tall

Made to order Available with white shades Handmade

Handmade made to order Size: 34″ H  

Handmade Comes with white shades size: 26″ H x 16″ W

size: 32″ H blue and white  

Handmade Ceramic Lamps Comes with white shade size: made in US